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I love Sundaes Devastates Dan Lebron Manziel

Week 3

  • I love Sundaes
  • 2-1
  • Weekly Grade: B-
  • 87.22
  • Dan Lebron Manziel
  • 2-1
  • Weekly Grade: F
  • 55.48

I love Sundaes (fifth place, 2-1, 270.76 points) kicked Dan Lebron Manziel (2-1, 280.48 points) out of first after walloping them 87.22 to 55.48, proving they are better than their record (but not better than "Thriller," which is a record no one could surpass despite many attempts to Beat It). Peyton Manning led the team with while Knile Davis scored 17.20. This was a beating of epic proportions, with the 31.74-point margin of victory being the third-highest recorded in the league this season. Following a 125.84 to 105.74 win against Unlikable Rhombus, Dan Lebron Manziel saw their scoring drop dramatically this week.

Top Players

    • Peyton Manning
    • 21.02
    • Knile Davis
    • 17.20
    • Zac Stacy
    • 12.10
    • Dan Bailey
    • 11.00

Smooth Moves by I love Sundaes

  • With 21.02 points, Peyton Manning exceeded his scoring projection by a season-high 13.4% to rank 10th in the league in scoring.
  • The 17.20 points scored by Knile Davis, who I love Sundaes picked up this week, beat his projected point total of 11.90 by 44.5%.
  • Even with only 3 of the 9 starters scoring more than their projection, I love Sundaes was still able to win.
  • I love Sundaes won even though all three of their WRs scored below their projected points.

Toyota Missed Opportunities

  • Dan Lebron Manziel probably blew their shot at becoming a Toyota Hall Of Famer with that loss, but there's a bright side. Let us know when you find it.
  • Did not start Alex Smith, who led the team in scoring with 19.14 points and beat his projected point total by 15.1%, the highest percentage on the team.
  • Brandon Marshall had the lowest point total in the matchup with 0.60 points.
  • Dan Lebron Manziel had 8 starters fail to reach their projections.
  • The RBs for Dan Lebron Manziel got outscored 29.30 - 7.20 by the RBs for I love Sundaes.

What If

  • I love Sundaes would be 1-2 if they played Dan Lebron Manziel every week.
  • Besides Dan Lebron Manziel, I love Sundaes would have beaten only two other teams this week.
  • If they played the same schedule as Dan Lebron Manziel, I love Sundaes would be 1-1.
  • If I love Sundaes had played every team in the league each week, they would be 13-14.
  • Dan Lebron Manziel would have been beaten by every other team in the league this week.
  • Timing really is everything. I love Sundaes would have lost to Dan Lebron Manziel 125.84 - 98.18 had they played each other last week.
  • If they played the same schedule as I love Sundaes, Dan Lebron Manziel would be 1-1.
  • If they played every team every week, Dan Lebron Manziel would be 14-13.

Game Notes

  • Four of the starters for I love Sundaes scored higher than the leading scorer for Dan Lebron Manziel.
  • Dan Lebron Manziel scored the fewest points in the league this week and had the lowest score in the league this season.
  • The 31.74-point margin of victory by I love Sundaes was the largest in the league this week.
  • I love Sundaes has underachieved every week this season, scoring 87.22 points against a projected 96.86 this week.
  • Demaryius Thomas scored 5.10 points against a projected 11.09 in the win and has now scored below his projection in every game this season.
  • Remember when they needed to remind Forrest Gump to STOP? Well, they may need to remind this group of runnings backs to GO. With 7.20 points, Dan Lebron Manziel got the lowest combined scoring output from the RB position for any team this week.
  • All was not bad for Dan Lebron Manziel in the loss, as Rob Gronkowski scored 10.40 points, the third-highest score for a TE in the league this week.
  • I love Sundaes got the win despite Zach Ertz having a season-low 1.40 points and falling short of his projection for the first time this season.
I love Sundaes
Dan Lebron Manziel
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