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Pistons Basketball Draft Report Card


Fueled by Some Early-Round Value Picks, Pistons Basketball Will Battle Every Week

Draft Summary

Playoffs?! Are you kidding me, playoffs?! Actually, yeah that could happen. Pistons Basketball put together a quality team and is projected to finish in fifth-place in RedskinsOwn League at 8-6-0 (2,939 points). They aimed for having a roster with balance throughout, taking QB Drew Brees (8th overall), RBs Marshawn Lynch (17th) and Frank Gore (32nd), and WRs Wes Welker (41st) and Eric Decker (56th). They ended up with the bottom TE pair in the league, as they added Antonio Gates and Brandon Pettigrew.

Nice draft. If there were a Fantasy Football Hall Of Fame, you should nominate yourself. Wait, there is? And you can??


While Week 9 has the most players on bye for Pistons Basketball (five), Week 6 is actually projected to have the team's highest amount of idle fantasy points. Based on their opponents' projected points, they have one of the softest slates. Along with having the second-easiest overall schedule, Pistons Basketball has the second-softest last four games of the season.

Draft Notes

  • A Triumvirate of Talent

    Pistons Basketball has three above-average positions on their roster (RB, QB, and K).

  • Senior Citizen Discount

    With an average of 9.2 years of NFL experience, Pistons Basketball is the team most likely to have a player become a grandpa.

  • You Almost Got It Right

    The top half of the Pistons Basketball roster is one of the strongest in the league (projected to be No. 2). The bottom of the roster, unfortunately, is rated as the league's weakest.

  • Checked Out Early

    Pistons Basketball didn't exactly wrap up the draft on a high note, ending up with the fewest projected points in the league over the second half of the draft.

  • Defense Wins Championships?

    Pistons Basketball chose to go with two DEFs instead of loading up at other spots.

  • Bargain Shopper

    With three steals in the first 12 rounds (Reggie Wayne, Brandon Pettigrew, and Denver), Pistons Basketball made some shrewd moves.

Player Analysis

    • Drew Brees, QB
    • Round 1, Pick 8
    Is Drew Brees Religious?

    With 924 projected points, Pistons Basketball will be hoping Brees is the answer to their prayers.

    • Marshawn Lynch, RB
    • Round 2, Pick 17
    Is His Jersey Made of Honey?

    Because the projections for Marshawn Lynch are sweet. He's projected to be the sixth-best RB in the league this season.

    • Frank Gore, RB
    • Round 3, Pick 32
    Paydirt Found

    Frank Gore is expected to finish eighth in the NFL in rushing TDs with 8.6.

    • Golden Tate, WR
    • Round 6, Pick 65
    Was the 65th Pick the Right Time for Golden Tate?

    Pistons Basketball apparently believes it is. The Lions' wide receiver is projected to have 133 points this year, almost the same as his total from last year.

    • Antonio Gates, TE
    • Round 7, Pick 80
    Apparently ADP is Overrated

    With their seventh-round pick, Pistons Basketball pulled the trigger. They took Antonio Gates at pick number 80 despite an ADP of just 121.9 across all Yahoo! leagues.

Best Available

Pistons Basketball has three positions where an upgrade could be beneficial, with TE being the most immediate need.

    • Brent Celek
    • Rank 211, ADP 123
    • Joseph Fauria
    • Rank 214, ADP 120
    • Zach Miller
    • Rank 218, ADP 120
  • Bye Week Points Lost

    Each bar represents the total projected season points for each player that's on bye that week. This chart shows any potential bye week issues.

  • Pick Number Minus ADP
    Pick Number

    Bars above zero indicate a pick was selected later than a player's ADP. Bars below zero show players that were taken earlier than their ADP.

  • Avg Points by Position vs League
        Team     League

    The average projected points for all the players at each position versus the average projected points for all players at that position in the league.

  • Schedule by Opponent Points

    Week-by-week schedule with each opponent's projected season points. This chart shows any difficult or easy stretches in the schedule.

How We Grade

Draft grades are based strictly on teams' draft performances. This is calculated by counting the number of fantasy points teams are projected to score over the course of the season using their optimal line-ups. The grades do not take schedule into account. Because of bye weeks and other variables it is possible to earn a high grade yet be projected to finish in the middle of the pack. The opposite is also true. Bottom line: Fantasy Football is like the real game. You can draft the greatest talent in the world but you still need to manage your team every week to get the most out of that talent. As a wise man once said, "On any given Sunday..."

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Pistons Basketball
1. (8) Drew Brees (NO - QB)
2. (17) Marshawn Lynch (Sea - RB)
3. (32) Frank Gore (SF - RB)
4. (41) Wes Welker (Den - WR)
5. (56) Eric Decker (NYJ - WR)
6. (65) Golden Tate (Det - WR)
7. (80) Antonio Gates (SD - TE)
8. (89) Pierre Thomas (NO - RB)
9. (104) Eli Manning (NYG - QB)
10. (113) Denver (Den - DEF)
11. (128) Reggie Wayne (Ind - WR)
12. (137) Brandon Pettigrew (Det - TE)
13. (152) Rashad Johnson (Ari - S)
14. (161) Matt Bryant (Atl - K)
15. (176) LaMarr Woodley (Oak - LB,DE)
16. (185) Cary Williams (Phi - CB)
17. (200) Green Bay (GB - DEF)
18. (209) Steve Smith Sr. (Bal - WR)
19. (224) Ezekiel Ansah (Det - DE)
20. (233) Dallas Clark (Ind - TE)
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Draft Grades

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