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    Selected Medal Details

    A Winner Is You
    A Winner Is You


    Win a regular season head-to-head matchup

    Football 2014 - League 259543

    All 2014 Medals

    • Camry Living Legend
      Camry Living Legend

      You’re a Toyota Camry Living Legend, the league leader in medals won. A spot in the Toyota Hall of Fame: Legends of Fantasy Football may be in your future. Congrats!

      Football 2014 - League 259543
    • 4Runner Running Wild (Silver)
      4Runner Running Wild (Silver)

      Silver - any rushers in your lineup rush for 100+ yards 4 times at some point in the season.

      Football 2014 - League 259543
    • The Underdog
      The Underdog

      According to the projected points, you were supposed to lose this week. Projections, schmojections! This little dog has a big bite.

      Football 2014 - League 259543
    • A Winner Is You
      A Winner Is You


      Win a regular season head-to-head matchup

      Football 2014 - League 259543
    • Toyota Biggest Blowout x3
      Toyota Biggest Blowout x3


      Three is an unlucky number -- for everyone else in your league. Toyota salutes you for winning with the largest margin of victory three times in your league!

      Football 2014 - League 259543
    • Corolla Touchdown x5
      Corolla Touchdown x5


      As much as Corolla is about style, you’re about touchdowns. And boy howdy, you’ve got ‘em by the bucket. You led your league in TDs 5 weeks in a row. Ever heard of sharing?

      Football 2014 - League 259543
    • Tundra Lights Out
      Tundra Lights Out

      Defense wins championships! And just like the Toyota Tundra, you overpowered the competition by starting the top scoring defense of the week.

      Football 2014 - League 259543
    • Camry Best in Class
      Camry Best in Class

      For being the best-drafting team in your league, we’re proud to anoint you with the medal named for the best-selling car in America. Respect.

      Football 2014 - League 259543
    • Tundra Pickup of the Week
      Tundra Pickup of the Week

      You own a player on Y! Sports’ Pickups of the Week list. From the powerful pickup Toyota Tundra, here's a medal for your own pickup that packs a punch. Enjoy.

      Football 2014 - League 259543
    • RAV4 Golden Touch
      RAV4 Golden Touch

      Easy there Midas, you’ve got the golden touch! A player new to your roster this week scored a TD. The Toyota RAV4 knows a smart move when it sees one!

      Football 2014 - League 259543
    • On A Roll
      On A Roll

      Have a 5 game winning streak in the regular season

      Football 2014 - League 259543
    • Got My Eye On You
      Got My Eye On You

      Add a player to your watch list

      Football 2014
    • Toyota Coach T
      Toyota Coach T

      Nice scouting, coach. You picked up the highest scoring player from the free agent/waivers list.

      Football 2014 - League 259543
    • Toyota Let's Go Places
      Toyota Let's Go Places

      The Let's Go Places medal is awarded to any player with a 100-yard receiver and 100-yard rusher in the same week. By racking up all those yards, you've proved you're going places, baby.

      Football 2014 - League 259543
    • Toyota Hall of Fame
      Toyota Hall of Fame

      You visited the Toyota Hall of Fame. Now don’t forget to go back and nominate the best fantasy football player you know -- probably yourself!

      Football 2014
    • First Draft
      First Draft

      Join a live draft

    • Practice Round
      Practice Round

      Participate in a mock draft

    • Cordial Invitation
      Cordial Invitation

      Invite a friend to join your league

    • Color Commentator
      Color Commentator

      Post a message on your league message board

    • Easy Pickin's
      Easy Pickin's

      You picked a winner! You’ve been awarded a medal for correctly picking the winner of a head-to-head fantasy matchup in your league.

    • Clean Sweep
      Clean Sweep

      Correctly predict the outcome of all matchups in your league for a week

    • The Oracle
      The Oracle

      So you have said and so it has been done. You scored the most pick'em points in your league.

    • Wheeling and Dealing
      Wheeling and Dealing

      Successfully complete a trade

    • Invincible

      Have a 10 game winning streak in the regular season

    • Undefeated

      Undefeated, unbelievable. A feat made for Hollywood. Make sure when you introduce yourself for the next year, you remind everyone that you owned an undefeated Fantasy Football team.

    • Venza Head Turner
      Venza Head Turner

      Just like the Toyota Venza, you've got all the eyes on you. You squeaked by with the smallest margin of victory -- so enjoy the W and the Head Turner medal.

    • Toyota Biggest Blowout x5
      Toyota Biggest Blowout x5

      Welcome to Domination Nation where your supremacy goes unchallenged. Toyota is proud to honor your feat of winning five times in your league by the largest margin.

    • Corolla Mr. Clutch NFL
      Corolla Mr. Clutch NFL

      Breaking hearts and taking names, you came from behind to win on Monday night! The Toyota Corolla awards you a medal to commemorate this clutch moment.

    • Prius Game Changer
      Prius Game Changer

      You sensed opportunity and changed your destiny. Toyota Prius awards you for starting a player who scores 20 or more points when they were projected to bring in less than 5.

    • Knockout

      Sha na na na, Sha na na na, hey hey hey, good bye. You knocked your competitor out of the playoffs. Now post some smack and get ready for your next match up.

    • Public Defender
      Public Defender

      Win a public league

    • We Are The Champion
      We Are The Champion

      Win your league

    • 4Runner Running Wild (Gold)
      4Runner Running Wild (Gold)

      Gold - any rushers in your lineup rush for 100+ yards for 4 weeks in a row.

    • Camry Power User (Bronze)
      Camry Power User (Bronze)

      Fancy seeing you here. You visited the Yahoo Fantasy site 10 days straight. A bold move, recognized by a bold new vehicle. See you soon.