The Oh So Goodell's Beats the Pants Off JPC144, Makes Early-Season Statement

Week 1

  • The Oh So Goodell's
  • 1-0
  • Weekly Grade: B
  • 94.04
  • JPC144
  • 0-1
  • Weekly Grade: D
  • 64.52

The Oh So Goodell's took advantage of 24.14 points from Tony Romo and 22.60 from Matt Forte, stomping JPC144 94.04 to 64.52. While each team fell short of hitting their projections, The Oh So Goodell's scored 93.4% of a projected 100.70 points to get the win. JPC144 was led by the tag team of Andrew Luck, with 19.72 points, and Martellus Bennett, who scored 11.50. The Oh So Goodell's kicks off the campaign with a 1-0 record, good enough for fifth place. JPC144 debuts at 0-1 and in ninth place.

Top Players

    • Tony Romo
    • 24.14
    • Matt Forte
    • 22.60
    • Andrew Luck
    • 19.72
    • Kendall Wright
    • 16.10

Smooth Moves by The Oh So Goodell's

  • Coaches always preach that projections go out the window when the ball is kicked off. Kendall Wright was a true testament to this, scoring 133.5% of his projected score, the highest percentage among the two teams.
  • Expect to see some trade offers for Tony Romo. He ranked sixth in the league in scoring with 24.14 points.
  • With 22.60 points, Matt Forte ranked ninth in the league in scoring.
  • Even with only 4 of the 9 starters scoring more than their projection, The Oh So Goodell's was still able to win.
  • Perhaps this is how backups become starters. The Oh So Goodell's won with four players on the bench that did not play this week.

Toyota Roster Tune-up

  • Remember that time you thought, "I don't need help from your stinking articles. I can beat The Oh So Goodell's on my own." How'd it work out for you?
  • Did not start the Kansas City Chiefs Defense, which scored 10.00 points and beat their projected point total by a team-leading 72.0%.
  • JPC144 had 7 starters fail to reach their projections.
  • Odell Beckham Jr. fell short of his scoring projection with 4.40 points, just 34.5% of his projected 12.74.
  • Both of the starting RBs scored below their projected points.

What If

  • Besides JPC144, The Oh So Goodell's would have defeated four other teams this week.
  • Hypothetically speaking, if The Oh So Goodell's had scored 42.43 more points, they would have beaten every team in the league this week.
  • JPC144 would have lost to seven other teams besides The Oh So Goodell's this week.
  • JPC144 would have needed an additional 71.95 points to beat all teams in the league this week.

Game Notes

  • The 29.52-point win by The Oh So Goodell's beat the 8.14-point spread.
  • The Oh So Goodell's had two starters score more points than the highest-scoring starter for JPC144.
  • JPC144 got smallest total score from their RB position of any team this week with 13.40 points.
  • The Oh So Goodell's had the lowest winning score in the league this week with 94.04 points.
  • JPC144 scored 64.52 points, ranking them ninth in the league in scoring.
  • Martellus Bennett tried to help JPC144 in the loss, beating his scoring projection by 54.9% and scoring 11.50 points versus a 7.42-point projection.
  • No, it's okay, you don't have to get up and help us out. Despite being on the winning team, Adrian Peterson scored only 5.20 points against his projected 14.82.
  • Both teams failed to score as many points as projected for the week.
The Oh So Goodell's
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