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MonTueWedFinal Status (PDT) Points
S. Diego St. vs @Utah St.7.0------Fri 10/28 05:00pm-
@Georgia Tech vs Duke7.0------Sat 10/29 09:00am-
(5)Louisville vs @Virginia27.5------Sat 10/29 09:00am-
Kansas St. vs @Iowa St.7.0------Sat 10/29 09:00am-
@Missouri vs Kentucky4.5------Sat 10/29 09:00am-
(10)West Virginia vs @Oklahoma St.3.0------Sat 10/29 09:00am-
@Illinois vs MinnesotaOff (0)------Sat 10/29 09:00am-
(2)Michigan vs @Michigan St.21.5------Sat 10/29 09:00am-
@East Carolina vs Connecticut7.5------Sat 10/29 09:00am-
@N.C. State vs Boston Coll.15.0------Sat 10/29 09:30am-
@(14)Florida vs Georgia6.5------Sat 10/29 12:30pm-
(8)Baylor vs @Texas3.0------Sat 10/29 12:30pm-
(4)Washington vs @(17)Utah10.0------Sat 10/29 12:30pm-
@Notre Dame vs Miami (FL)1.0------Sat 10/29 12:30pm-
@Oregon vs Arizona St.7.5------Sat 10/29 02:00pm-
@(11)Wisconsin vs (7)Nebraska7.5------Sat 10/29 04:00pm-
(13)Boise St. vs @Wyoming14.5------Sat 10/29 04:00pm-
(18)Tennessee vs @South Carolina13.0------Sat 10/29 04:15pm-
(15)Auburn vs @Mississippi2.5------Sat 10/29 04:15pm-
(3)Clemson vs @(12)Florida St.3.0------Sat 10/29 05:00pm-
Washington St. vs @Oregon St.15.5------Sat 10/29 07:45pm-
Stanford vs @Arizona7.0------Sat 10/29 08:00pm-
Bold = Winning Team (Spread) Total Points 0
Tiebreaker 1
Deadline Sat, Oct 29 5:00 pm PDT (CLEM@FL ST); Sat, Oct 29 9:00 am PDT (MICH@MI ST)

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Tiebreaker 2
Deadline Fri, Oct 28 4:55 pm PDT
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