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      circle jerk bowl pickem circle jerk bowl pickem Confidence 66 Join
      College Playoff Bowl Mania2014 What a surprise another SEC team in the title game. Straight 65 Join
    Virginia Tech  VTScoop247 Bowl Pick'em Confidence 65 Join
    Ohio St.  Join Hopkins Bowl Picks Confidence 64 Join
      WNSP Sports Drive those who can, do. those who can t play fantasy sports. Confidence 60 Join
    Arizona  @navidsworld #beardown @navidsworld Confidence 59 Join
    Georgia  Scenic City Bowl Pick 'Em 2014 Straight 58 Join
      DMN Renbo Bowl Pool The Granddaddy of all Renbo pools Confidence 58 Join
    Tennessee  RockyTopTalk Confidence 57 Join
      Canadian Fans Canadians Do Know College Bowls ! Straight 57 Join
    Oregon St.  Oregon State Intramurals Go Beavs! Straight 54 Join
    Arkansas  NCAA Bowl Pick 'Em Upset Special Confidence 50 Join
    Florida  Halloween Horror Nights 2014 Confidence 49 Join
    Nebraska  McKinneys Pub Nebraska mckinneys pub Confidence 48 Join
    N. Carolina  College Bowl Mania You play to win the game!! Confidence 47 Join
    Missouri  KC 1121 pool party! Straight 46 Join
    Miami (FL)  Bowl Madness Straight 45 Join
    Alabama  College Bowl Pick'em! roll tide! Straight 45 Join
      the toilet bowl pick'em my bowls are bigger than yours!! Confidence 45 Join
      Kirksville Group Go Mizzou Straight 44 Join
      Bowl Poll pickem. Confidence 44 Join
    Cent. Michigan  Bay City Bowl Pickers! Let's Go Bowling! Confidence 43 Join
    Arizona  Wildcats are Winners V Bear Down Arizona Confidence 43 Join
      The Clubhouse Bowl Pick'em Confidence 43 Join
    Iowa  Goebel 2014 College Bowl Pool Straight 43 Join
    Arkansas  loving me some college footbal where the big boys play Straight 42 Join
    Alabama  swac allstars we play to win the game Straight 42 Join
    Syracuse  UPSTATE NEW YORKERS Give us a playoff Confidence 42 Join
      BK's College Bowl Pool Confidence 41 Join
      Kicked in the Bowls Do Better. Confidence 39 Join
      Bowl in One Confidence 39 Join
      Lets Go Bowling 2014 GFY!!! Confidence 38 Join
    West Virginia  Target Shoppers Confidence 38 Join
    Georgia  Another Reason to Gamble Confidence 37 Join
    Virginia Tech  Scott's Bowls Confidence 37 Join
      Glidden Bowl Pick'em Confidence 37 Join
      Meuter Bowl Games Straight 37 Join
    Illinois  The Champaign Room TCR Bowl Pick 'Em Confidence 36 Join
    Auburn  BLEACHER BUMS BOWL PICK'EMS Confidence 36 Join
      Math in Sports Bowl Picks Straight 36 Join
    Virginia Tech  Bowl Pool 2014/2015 Straight 36 Join
    Mississippi  Official MST Bowl Pick Em' Let's be the average highest scoring league! Straight 36 Join
      Tailgaters Straight 36 Join
    Michigan St.  Beat Jameis! of course we hate bama too...and osu...go ducks! Confidence 36 Join
    Illinois  Fans of Chief Illiniwek CHIEF Confidence 35 Join
      BOOZEHOUND BOWL POOL Confidence 35 Join
    Oklahoma  SOONER BOWL IV Oklahoma Sooners Confidence 35 Join
    Texas Tech  Texas Tech Know Bowl Straight 35 Join
      Playoff is HERE - sorta Straight 34 Join
    Kansas  MO/KAN/ARK Bowl Pick Em A bunch of lone wolves becoming a pack Confidence 34 Join