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  Seinfeld Aficionados¬≤ No Soup For You! Straight 146 Join
Florida  BowlMania2015 It's Bowl Season! Straight 129 Join
Florida  SEC2015 SEC Rules! Straight 114 Join
  Pop's Yahoo's #1 Fantasy Group........... Straight 82 Join
Oregon  Anybody know where Clemson is? quack quack!!! Straight 54 Join
Florida  FloridaGators2015 Go Florida Gators! Straight 53 Join
Iowa  Iowannarock Toilet Bowl Bound! Straight 38 Join
USC  Seinfeld Aficionados III Fake! Fake! Fake! Straight 37 Join
  Scrap Heap Bowl Pick'em 14-15 Straight 32 Join
Florida  FloridaFootball2015 Florida Football Fan! Straight 26 Join
  Cream of the Crop Bowl Pickem' Straight 23 Join
Georgia  Scenic City Bowl Pick 'Em 2015 Straight 21 Join
  Seinfeld Aficionados Bowl Get out! Straight 20 Join
Oregon  2015-16 Bowl Season Who will win this years college playoff? Straight 17 Join
Florida  TheFloridaGroup Fans from Florida! Straight 15 Join
  Seinfeld Aficionados Get Out! Straight 15 Join
Vanderbilt  Vanderbilt Commodores 'Dores Open Straight 13 Join
  BIG 12 BIG 12 is the best Straight 13 Join
UNLV  Dorkdom Dorkdom of Dorks Straight 12 Join
  OLD TIMER'S Straight 11 Join
  The Numb Nuts C'mon You Know Who You Are Straight 10 Join
  Austin Peay Peay On You! Straight 10 Join
Florida  Gator Nation It's Great to be a Florida Gator! Straight 9 Join
Middle Tenn. St.  Blue Raider Special Murf Divers Straight 7 Join
  The Bowl Series Straight 6 Join
UCLA  UCLA Bruin the Best Stuff Straight 6 Join
Minnesota  Minnesota Gophers Big 10/14 Straight 6 Join
  Drunks Live! Drunks is as Drunks Does! Straight 6 Join
LSU  lsu1968 lsu for life Straight 6 Join
Pittsburgh  The NCS Bowl Pick'em Game Straight 5 Join
  Leatherhead Guru's Bowl Pik-em Straight 4 Join
Vanderbilt  Commodore Vanderbilt 'Dores Open Straight 4 Join
  The Valley Forge rockers Gotta get in to win. Straight 4 Join
Clemson  Clemson Tigers! Go Tigers!! Straight 4 Join
Kansas  Kansas Jayhawks Next year should be better. Straight 4 Join
Florida  Florida Goons Go Gators! Straight 3 Join
  Playoffs? Playoffs? Straight 3 Join
Notre Dame  Jimmy Da Qbans Bowl Pickem Beat Jimmy, win nothing! Straight 3 Join
  Soggy Bottom U winners never quit Straight 3 Join
Georgia  Pearly's Legit Group We win or we middle ground Straight 2 Join
Auburn  norman fourty ninersfan show me the touch down Straight 2 Join
  king shark hope Straight 2 Join
  Bowl Game Grudge Match Pat wins Straight 2 Join
Michigan  Blue Ballzz kiss it Straight 2 Join
  LANDESK College Bowl Pick'Em landesk mobility college bowl pick em Straight 1 Join
   Straight 1 Join
Miami (FL)  Darkninja2015 Let go miami Straight 1 Join
Florida St.  Florida State Semiholes Straight not GAY !!! Straight 1 Join
  nalaha8840 BCS Sucks Straight 1 Join