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  Seinfeld Aficionados No Soup For You! Straight 91 Join
  BOOOOOWWWWWLLLLL! Bowl Time! Straight 81 Join
Florida  SEC2014 SEC Rules! Straight 71 Join
Florida  FloridaGators2014 Go Florida Gators! Straight 61 Join
Florida  BowlMania2014 It's Bowl Season! Straight 58 Join
Florida  FloridaFootball2014 Florida Football Fan! Straight 41 Join
Rutgers  1_ Knight Greener Grass Straight 36 Join
Kansas St.  The Salute K-State fans... We salute you. Straight 31 Join
USC  Seinfeld Aficionados III Fake! Fake! Fake! Straight 29 Join
  THE MOD SQUAD game on !! Straight 12 Join
Vanderbilt  Vanderbilt Commodores 'Dores Open Straight 11 Join
Florida  TheFloridaGroup Fans from Florida! Straight 11 Join
  NOT SO FAST!!! Straight 11 Join
UCLA  Dorkdom Dorkdom of Dorks Straight 9 Join
  Tuck's Crew Need a playoff series Straight 6 Join
  Austin Peay Peay On You! Straight 5 Join
Florida  Gator Nation It's Great to be a Florida Gator! Straight 5 Join
Ohio St.  BCS or Bust 2k15 Straight 4 Join
Mississippi  Hotty Toddy Bowl Oh yeah, we going this year! Straight 4 Join
  Smack Down Rivalry May the best smack win Straight 3 Join
  Pilgrims 2 sec to the forefront... Straight 3 Join
Alabama  swac allstars we play to win the game Straight 3 Join
Middle Tenn. St.  Blue Raider Special Murf Divers Straight 3 Join
Michigan  money's Top-Notch Group Iced Out Straight 3 Join
  Spadora College Bowl Pick Em Straight 3 Join
Arkansas  loving me some college footbal where the big boys play Straight 2 Join
  The Numb Nuts C'mon You Know Who You Are Straight 2 Join
  Boosters Rule! Flush That! Straight 1 Join
Oregon  JKF College Football 14 QUACK ATTACK Straight 1 Join
  LSUHORSEUSANA Straight 1 Join
  jt hope Straight 1 Join
  Dusty's Bowl Game Pass the chips Straight 1 Join
  sage21 Straight 1 Join
Florida  gatormule bullgators Straight 1 Join
Ohio St.  DyerMfg I should be working Straight 1 Join