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  Seinfeld Aficionados¬≤ No Soup For You! Straight 125 Join
Michigan  Wolverines Go Blue! Confidence 114 Join
Oregon  ncaa bowl bowl bowl bowl and more bowl games Confidence 87 Join
Florida  BowlMania2015 It's Bowl Season! Straight 85 Join
Florida  BowlMania2015 It's Bowl Season! Confidence 82 Join
Florida  SEC2015 SEC Rules! Straight 77 Join
  Pop's Yahoo's #1 Fantasy Group........... Straight 67 Join
  canada bowl the countdown to #1 begins Confidence 63 Join
Alabama  its bowl time who's your number 1 Confidence 61 Join
Florida  SEC2015 SEC Rules! Confidence 61 Join
Florida St.  Florida State Seminoles Fans spear them ducks !! Confidence 59 Join
LSU  college bowl glory LSU TIGERS COUNTRY Confidence 45 Join
  Seinfeld Aficionados II Your Face is My Case Confidence 42 Join
Oregon  Anybody know where Clemson is? quack quack!!! Straight 40 Join
Florida  FloridaGators2015 Go Florida Gators! Confidence 39 Join
Tennessee  BIG KAHUNA COLLEGE BOWL PICKS Confidence 36 Join
Florida  FloridaGators2015 Go Florida Gators! Straight 35 Join
Iowa  Iowannarock Toilet Bowl Bound! Straight 33 Join
  Scrap Heap Bowl Pick'em 14-15 Straight 29 Join
  Pornstar Bowl Pickem name your team after your fav pornstar Confidence 28 Join
Florida  FloridaFootball2015 Florida Football Fan! Straight 19 Join
  College Bowl Pickem '15 Confidence 17 Join
Georgia  Scenic City Bowl Pick 'Em 2015 Straight 17 Join
Kansas  Kansas Jayhawks Why can't we play basketball year round? Confidence 17 Join
Wisconsin  BADGER BOYS! GO BIG OR GO HOME! Confidence 14 Join
  Bowl 2015-16 Just win Confidence 14 Join
  DOWN SOUTH JUKIN 2015-16 its a long way to the top if ya want rock n roll Confidence 13 Join
  Seinfeld Aficionados Bowl Get out! Straight 12 Join
  BIG 12 BIG 12 is the best Straight 12 Join
Florida St.  ACC BOWLING TEAM ACC ROCKS Confidence 11 Join
Notre Dame  GHR Wants a Bowl Playoff You can't drink all day unless you start in the morning Confidence 10 Join
Florida  TheFloridaGroup Fans from Florida Confidence 10 Join
  Bowl Buster The 420 Bowl Confidence 9 Join
Florida  TheFloridaGroup Fans from Florida! Straight 9 Join
  OUTLAWS Confidence 8 Join
  Bartow Sports Zone Serious Braggin' Rights Confidence 7 Join
Texas  In This League Confidence 7 Join
  CIS Confidence 7 Join
Colorado  TTVS College Bowl Pickem BCS stands for Bull Crap System Confidence 7 Join
  The Numb Nuts C'mon You Know Who You Are Straight 7 Join
  Old School Holiday Classic this is the time on Sprockets when we dance... Confidence 7 Join
Oklahoma  Bowl Pick'em 2015 Confidence 7 Join
Arkansas  HeroesHobos&StreetCornerClowns SEC is #1 but any ole danged body can win the doggone thing. Confidence 6 Join
  Mountain West Let's Bowl Confidence 6 Join
  Seinfeld Aficionados Bowl (c) Confidence 6 Join
  Seinfeld Aficionados Get Out! Straight 6 Join
  PLAY OFF TIME Bigger the Bowl.......Bigger The Money! Confidence 6 Join
Army  Federation Beat Navy Confidence 5 Join
LSU  lsu1968 lsu for life Straight 5 Join