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    Fantasy Football 2013

    PJDs Entire Readership

    Week 14
    (Dec 3 - Dec 9)
    Week 15
    (Dec 10 - Dec 16)
    Week 16
    (Dec 17 - Dec 23)

    (1) The Okra Patches



    (4) Parole Models166

    (5) Viktor's Weed Guy...128


    (3) Wilfork On 1st Date90

    (6) Romosexual71


    (2) Naked Dudes



    (1) The Okra Patches93

    (4) Parole Models108


    (3) Wilfork On 1st Date96

    (2) Naked Dudes112


    (4) Parole Models86

    (2) Naked Dudes63

    3rd Place Game

    (1) The Okra Patches43

    (3) Wilfork On 1st Date120

    5th Place Game

    (5) Viktor's Weed Guy...141

    (6) Romosexual140


    Recent Messages

    Topic Last Post
    Someone Beat Me Already
    by --hidden-- (The Okra Patches)
    Dec 1 4:17 pm
    by --hidden-- (Wilfork On 1st Date)
    Sorry Romo...
    by --hidden-- (Wilfork On 1st Date)
    Oct 8 6:32 am
    by --hidden-- (Wilfork On 1st Date)
    Remember that time...
    by --hidden-- (Bluefin Bandits)
    Sep 9 2:32 pm
    by --hidden-- (Wilfork On 1st Date)
    F the predraft rankings
    by --hidden-- (Romosexual)
    Sep 8 9:52 am
    by --hidden-- (Very Tight Butthole)
    I fart in your general directions.
    by --hidden-- (The Tread Lightly's)
    Aug 15 8:47 pm
    by --hidden-- (The Tread Lightly's)

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