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Fantasy Football 2013

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F the predraft rankings

Not only did my softball team get their asses handed to them TWICE last night, I get home to check how the predraft settings treated me just to find out I got shit on there too. How the hell did I get Romo?? He wasn't even on the predraft ranking. 2 kickers and 2 Ds? The only player that is possibly above average is Vernon Davis and that's not saying much. This may require my most creative thinking yet. Either that or I ride out the season keeping my fingers crossed that Feeley is a good sleeper.
Freeman not Feeley. Should remember to not post while drunk.
Shoulda been here for the draft. Get the priorities straight!
Can never be too careful. You probably want to have 2 kickers to make sure that if one is injured, you can totally just slide your back up in, no problem. Classic FF strategy.
I got Peyton in one of my leagues and the rankings said my QB position was weak, dohkay!!