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Fantasy Football 2012

TBLA - Money Message Board

Come on Knappy

it's a fair trade, yo. Do it!


Dirty sends: Frank Gore, Jordy Nelson, Gronkowski, Granick, and Ravens defense

To Hoes for:

AJ Green

Ray Rice

Bears Defense

What, Granick not good enough for your team?
Dude doesn't check his team ever. Started someone on a bye this week.
I didn't want to drop anyone to pick up a K just for one week, I thought I would win anyways.  Maybe it was stupid, but I do check my team. 
I can see that logic, but there were 7 kickers on waivers who have had better seasons than Akers thus far, 6 of whom weren't on a bye. Not only could you have gotten points this week, you could've gotten better, too.
You obviously missed the part where I said, "It may have been stupid."
I didn't miss anything. Relax.
you dudes are funny