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Fantasy Football 2012

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Dez Bryant Dropp Mishap

So i got info from ESPN and Yahoo this morning that his season was going to be over, but now they tell me its more like 50/50. Can I please take this back as I got bad information this morning.
You probably shouldn't have sent a message out to everyone telling what happened. Now everyone in the league is going to put a claim on it. Should have just tried to pick him back up after dropping him.
It was never reported that he was placed on IR, and it never showed that for him in the league, so I don't feel it is fair to the rest of the league to just give him back. There was no reason to drop him this early in the week, as you weren't able to pick anybody up to replace him until Wednesday.

You can pick him up through the waiver wire, just like every other dropped player. You have 4th position, so you can try to sweet talk the three people before you to not take him, but I can't just give you Bryant back.

My bad and I understand everyone's point.

No big deal as its just fantasy football and I should be fine without him.

Thanks and good luck to everyone this week.