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Trade Offer

What does it take to veto a trade.

The Nicks for Smith trade is so lop-sided that I would like to know if other managers are rejecting the trade.

Every team thinks they are getting the best of every trade, but this is clearly one manger taking advantage of a single week great score to pickup a highly valued player who under performed. I just want to voice my concern.

I just wanted to reply to the statement that the trade represents "one manger taking advantage of a single week great score to pickup a highly valued player who under performed" and clarify that I was offered the trade and did not offer this trade myself as has been suggested. Thank you.
Correct I was assuming that you were taking advantage of the other manager, but it might be a case where one manager is clueless. haha. In that case I have some cheap farmland that I would like trade with him.
I also wanted to point out that Reggie Tales who offered the trade is lacking a play-making running back and that Kevin Smith certainly has the potential to be that threat. I am certainly happy to get Hakeem Nicks to bolster my thin receiving corps, but I also think that Kevin Smith has played great when given the opportunity and there is no indication that he suddenly stops performing at a high level.
Well, I think there's a fine line between "clueless" and "taking a chance on a high-upside player," but obviously everybody is entitled to their opinion and fantasy experts would probably pick Nicks ahead of Smith. Then again, it's fantasy football and stranger things have happened than K. Smith outscoring H. Nicks at the end of the season.