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Fantasy Football 2012

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I've already screwed myself and you get to watch

I missed the draft because I fell asleep. I had the league page open and ready to go. I last remember being awake around 8:45 central time. Then I woke up around 1am to the horror that I had become "that guy," the auto draft guy. I'm never the guy who lets his team auto draft. The disgust with myself was then exacerbated as I looked over the team drafted for me. There are a lot of stinkers on my roster. I like a good challenge, though. And I have been told I work better from the bottom... hold for laugh break... Thank you, good night.
I got to draft 6 guys, then left to go on a date with my lady friend (worth it). Anyway, I had a solid team until the "machine" picked Jake Locker, a second kicker, and a second D. Now I can only hope my waiver claims hold up...