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Fantasy Football 2012

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thanks everyone

Hey this is jonathan josephs nephew. I would just like to say ive enjoyed playing while ive been able to and now im wondering wether or not ill be able to next year? I honestly do not know much about the league or players just that joseph gave me this fantasy team a month or so ago so any feedback would be great haha.
I'm glad you've had fun; thanks for stepping in and running the team! You did a nice job. We'll have to figure out soon how to handle things going forward. What's the best way to get in touch with you?
My cell phone : 423 839 6645 although for some reason i have had trouble receiving certain texts so if i do not reply to a text or call then my email :
Once again i have loved being a part of this fantasy league and i am definitely interested in continuing to play in seasons to come!
I vote "yes" for Jonathan ... and Joseph! Give 'em each a team!