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Fantasy Football 2011

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Draft Time

I noticed that the time was changed to the 23rd at 8 and was wondering if this is set in stone or is tentative?

It is a tentative time. I thought I had set it later in the day for anyone not in the Eastern time zone, so the time is easily changed. The initial draft time was smack dab in the middle of the Colts final night Training Camp practice, so I thought going there was more important than a fantasy draft :)

I'd like the draft to be the 23rd or before, as I have many other drafts in SB leagues starting on the 24th. Anyone else have any suggestions for a date/time?

I like this time MUCH better! Thank goodness.
I'm on the west coast and I work kinda late so the later the draft time the better.
My research methods class is every Tuesday and we are using lab computers and not our laptops. So I guess the only problem would be drafting on a Tuesday evening because of my class setup. I can draft during my other classes but the methods course will be difficult. And of course as a grad student I always prefer later draft times but above all its more important to make it easier for the most people to draft live because its sucks when half of the draft is auto pick.

So if possible any time but on a Tuesday but its not the end of the world.